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If you’re searching for a voice to narrate scripted information about your business, I specialise in:

Explainer Videos | Website Videos | Infomercials | E-learning | Phone System Messages | Podcasts

I also produce and narrate audiobooks

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The Art of Reading People – John Cremer

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About me

Voiceover Artist

I am a British female Voiceover Artist with an English accent and a natural, friendly, animated professional sound with a conversational style and range of deliveries. So if you’re searching for a voice to narrate scripted information about your business, that’s where I step in. As a voice talent, I record off-camera narration to accompany your video production. I can also be the voice of your blog or podcast.

I work from my own professional recording studio and can promptly deliver a pristine, fully mastered voice over for your project in a variety of audio file formats. I offer the option for a directed phone patch via Skype if you would like to direct our session live.

My business philosophy is all about clear communication, so that from my side I know exactly what you need and from your side you never have to wonder about the progress of your project or worry if it will be completed on time.

I have experience in recording meditations, testimonials, tech and software video narration, wellbeing and motivational material, podcasts, phone messages, e-learning and explainers.

Audiobook Catalyst

I facilitate authors, particularly those producing self help material, to release their book, or blog collection as an audiobook, in order to reach a wider audience, promote their business and spread the message of empowerment and personal development.

Converting a book or series of blogs into an audiobook (or a podcast) can be very daunting for someone who does not have this as part of their skillset, and this stops a lot of authors from going for it. The audiobook market is a massively exponentially growing platform, and is coming more and more to be seen as a vital piece of business marketing strategy.

My mission is to give a voice to those who currently do not have the time, skills or resources to do it for themselves, but have a valuable message which will benefit other people.

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