Audiobook Production Menu of services

Review of script

Prepping script for audio format

Prepare schedules and plan everything needed to support the project

Engineer the recording for author/narrator

Narrate your audiobook

Studio direction and support – during recording sessions assist with direction, delivery, tone and flow

Final proofreading

Production and final mastering of audiobook to ACX standards

Advise on distribution options, royalty shares and affiliated information

Deliver files for uploading the book

Assist you in the process of registration for ACX and other platforms and with uploading files

What’s so great about my package?

Making an audiobook is exacting work and there are many elements involved. I can advise on every aspect you need to make it happen. You won’t need to think about:

making a huge outlay in terms of purchasing your own studio gear

the headache of setting up your own studio space 

going around in circles figuring out the complex technicalities of software packages, plugins and technical requirements

You can leave all that to me

I charge on a Rate Per Number of Words model, so you don’t have to rush, rush, rush in my studio because you are paying an enormous hourly fee. This means you can take the time to give the performance your best shot, and produce something you’re really proud of  – otherwise, what’s the point?

I will be familiar with your work, be a champion of it, be there in the studio to ensure you give the best performance. I am that extra pair of ears to direct you in the studio, because narrating is a lot to think about and a marathon effort! I’ll be there to support you, cheer you on – and point out that you missed a word, a sentence, a paragraph! I’m not just a bod behind the mixing desk who’s never read your stuff! Also I have been known to serve up nice food! No one goes hungry at my place.

I advise pacing the narration over shorter hours per day. Yes, this means more days need to be cleared for studio time, but you are less likely to get fatigued. Narrating an audiobook is full-on! So I prefer you to be gentle with yourself and treat your voice and body with the respect it deserves

You can purchase my basic package – studio time, studio support, recording, editing and mastering of your audiobook, or just purchase bespoke strands. You can add bespoke elements  into your basic package.

Need someone to prep your book from print to audio compatible? 

Want someone to accompany you to another studio and help you with your narrative journey? 

Are you nervous about uploading the files on your own? 

Everyone is different, let’s chat about what you need.

Increase your visibility and income stream

Why not repurpose your work, boost your revenue and expand your visibility and brand on the world stage? I will guide you to ensure that you produce an audiobook to the highest standards