Bespoke Audiobook Production Menu

I produce fiction and nonfiction audiobooks for authors. Just leave it with me and I’ll do it for you, saving you a lot of time and stress, while producing a high quality audiobook you’re really proud of.

So how does it work?

Either we chat about your book or you send it over to me and I’ll look over it and tell you if it’s going to work as an audiobook. Some books – cookery books, anything very visual, anything with a lot of lists in – don’t work as audiobooks.

Taking things forward, we have a one hour consultation about how you’d like it to be read and any changes that need to be made so that it’s ‘listener friendly’.

You approve the first 15 minutes of the recording to make sure you are happy with it, and I go ahead and record the rest of the book.

Once the book has been recorded, it’s proofread, edited and mastered to ensure that your audio files meet the market’s technical requirements.

The files are delivered to you, named with the chapter titles, and you upload them, or that can be done for you. You can either go exclusively with Audible, or additionally, upload to other platforms.

I’ll provide you with a free audiogram which you can use to promote your audiobook, plus a marketing suggestion sheet to start you on your way to promoting your title – yay!

The process usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks. It may take an additional couple of weeks for your title to go live.

I offer no-pressure, no-fee consults for authors who just want to walk through the A-Z process of audiobook production with specifics of what to expect.